Top 7 Best Free Video Editing Software For Windows Pc

Today I want to talk about my favorite top five best free video editing software and when I say free these truly are free.

There are no watermarks. There are no time limitations There are no time limitations. None of that. They’re just entirely free,and they’re also pretty good. When you compare them topaid video editing software,in many cases these are just as good, if not better.

Best Free Video Editing Software

This brings us to the first free video editor and this is probably one that you already have.

OpenShot Video Editor

You can download and install it at It’s free it’s open source and you can install it on any platform whether it’s Windows, Mac, or Linux. Now I mentioned it looks very simple, but it 
does also have some advanced capabilities.

you can set different keyframes and change the values on this clip. So once again it also has a 
lot of advanced functionality.

All-in-all, OpenShot is an excellent choice if you want a simple but yet also powerful free video editor.

open shot video editor

Shotcut Video Editor

This brings us to the next free video editing app and this one is called Shotcut.You can download this at Shotcut is free, it’s open source and it works on all major platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. To download this simply click on this click to download text on the top of the page.Once you finish installing Shotcut, you’ll be prompted to create a new project.

All-in-all, Shotcut is a very powerful video editor, and when I look at all.

two video editors that we looked at, so the learning curve is a little steeper, so it really depends on how serious you are about video editing. If you really plan on creating some advanced videos, this could be a good choice but if you really just maybe want to pull together a simple video this might have a few more capabilities than you really need.

Shotcut Video Editor

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Kdenlive Video Editor

You can get it at the website

Once you land on the homepage, to download it you’ll see a link right here and this works cross platform so whether you have Windows, Mac or Linux,and once again this is also an open-source video editor so it’s completely free to use.Choose your operating system and then go ahead with the install.

All-in-all, you can pull together some very impressive and advanced videos using kdenlive. lots of help resources online that will help you get started with this video editor.

Kdenlive Video Editor

Davinci Resolve 17

Davinci Resolve is a very impressive application.In fact, many different TV studios or film studios use Davinci Resolve to pull together their projects.Davinci Resolve is a freemium product.What that means is you get most of the core or foundational capabilities entirely for free. 

however, if you want additional effects or tracking,it costs some money for those, but I’ve been using the free version and I’ve been able to do all of the editing that I want to get done.To download Davinci Resolve 17, on this main site.

Davinci Resolve is a powerhouse video editor.

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VSDC video editor

one of them is the VSDC video editor, and this is also a freemium video editor, so you get most of the core functionality for free,but then a few items are behind a paywall.This is also a good option.

vsdc video editor

Hitfilm Express Video Editor

There’s also Hitfilm Express, and this is similar to Davinci Resolve in terms of what you can do.This also follows a freemium model where you get most functionality for free and then you can upgrade if you want to unlock more functionality.

Hitfilm Express Video Editor

Videopad Video Editor

lastly another great video editor is called Videopad and this is made by NCH Hardware.Now it is free for home use, but you do get an annoying notification that tells you and always reminds you that you’re on the free version. There are also some limitations like you could only insert so many audio tracks, they limit the number of plugins, but once again for a free video editor this also works fairly well.

All right, well that was a quick look at my favorite free video editors. Let me know down below in the comments which one are you going to use moving forward.

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