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Best Web Hosting For WordPress 2022 – Hosting Review

Today we are going to talk about the Best Hosting For wordpress 2022 Hi Guys, My name is Zeeshan For the past 2 years, I am doing the Web Hosting Reviews All the web hostings discussed in Article, I am having their active accounts I have purchased a lot of hostings the results are based on the real tests i am not providing my suggestions based on some features that’s not what we do here I have already done their detailed review videos I am going to tell the main points.

All opinions in this article are based on the personal experiences If you will purchase from the links below, I’ll get a commission without you paying any extra costs for it In fact, you’ll get better discounts So if you like my work, you can support me by purchasing from the links.

Best Web Hosting For WordPress


So let’s start with Namecheap, it is a very popular company for a domain name registrar I haven’t liked their performance in the hosting Let’s start with the Pros And Cons.


  • It is very affordable, they have good speed in the US.
  • You also get a free domain name for a year.
  • Talking about the pricing, it is very affordable.


  • The load handling is not performing good, in my case.
  • Support is very average in the case of hosting.
  • There were no backups in my case.
  • The uptime can be improved.
  • They have no data centres in Asia.

In my recommendation Namecheap Shared Hosting is cheap but it is not that good If you want to create the test website, or your audience is from US, where you want good speed and a one-page website, it will not have much load even So in this case you can refer to the Namecheap, Or if you want to try and test out, how a hosting works, so in this case, you can buy Namecheap.


It is a managed hosting by Namecheap, It is a Managed WordPress Hosting, which is specifically for WordPress only.

Let’s start with the Pros And Cons.


  • The speeds are really good.
  • It is affordable, WordPress Optimised.
  • If I talk about its uptime, it is decent. ( I have got 99.95% for last few months, it has really good uptime )
  • EasyWP Turbo is at good pricing.


  • The load handling was not good in my case.
  • The support is average in the case of WordPress
  • You cannot install any other cache plugin.
  • that’s the biggest con for me You get the option for manual backups only.

So EasyWP is quite easy to use and if you have traffic from the US and if you require EasyWP Hosting and if you require good speeds then you can have a look at it. If you have large traffic, then you have better options to consider.


it is a very popular hosting let’s talk about pros and cons.


  • LiteSpeed server
  • good speed
  • it is quite easy to use


  • I haven’t liked its backup management.( I have faced a lot of problems at the time of backup )
  • The uptime was not that good ( It is 99.81% only ) So there are a lot of improvements required in the uptime.

So if you have an audience from Europe and if you require fast speeds Then you can refer to the GreenGeeks I have not found any of the major advantages for it The load management is not good, the support is poor,Uptime and backup management is also not good.


It comes under EIG Group, It used to be in the EIG Group but now it is been acquired by Newfold Digital, It is one of the oldest hosting company, that I am still using till date.


  • you get the Hindi Call Support.
  • It is really good for HTML and PHP scripts
  • If you are working on android apps, then it is quite affordable
  • You also get the option for windows hosting


  • Talking about its uptime, so this is the result It is 99.92% and it can be made more better in my opinion.
  • It is not optimised for WordPress.
  • support is quite slow.

So if you want to make the HTML and PHP websites if you are looking for call support in Hindi so Bigrock can be a good option for you If you are making WordPress Websites, then you shouldn’t consider BigRock.


Stablehost lies in Miss Group There are a lot of Hosting and Domain companies in Miss Group.


  • Its Uptime is really good.
  • The speeds are good in US.
  • The Site builder is really good.


  • The support is not good.
  • The Backup Management System was not good.
  • It is not easy for beginners.

It is a good hosting at present, but I have not seen any major advantage, If you are looking for good hosting for US Audience then you can have a look at it Or you can go with the rest of the options.


I am going to talk about Bluehost It comes in Newfold Digital, which includes BigRock, Talking about its Uptime, I have got it for 99.92% It was good earlier but recently in September, it has been dropped a bit, The 99.92% is decent but still, it can be improved, for the July and September month.


  • you get Codeguard Backups ( which is one of the best It has easy to use interface ).
  • the call support is from India.
  • There are Indian payment options available, you will get a GST invoice.
  • The pricing is affordable.


  • the support is average.
  • The load handling was not good.
  • The speed was slow in my experience.

So the Bluehost is been improved and they have the Indian data centres as well The support is not good at present and it can be improved still If you require a hosting, whose uptime is good and if you have the call support available for WordPress then Bluehost will be a really good option Other than that I do not find any strong reason to recommend Bluehost.


It is a new hosting company, but they are really performing well, That why I have included it in the list.


  • It has a good speed.
  • The load handling was really good.
  • It has good security.
  • It has data centres in India.
  • The customer support of 24*7 live chat is also really good.


  • The con is that it is a new company and they are not established yet.
  • Talking about is uptime. ( The uptime, in the beginning, was not good, But in last 5 months, the improvements have been made in the uptime, It is also due to the fact that they have shifted the Indian servers )

So in my opinion, HostArmada is a value for money product But they are still new I have seen a lot of companies that come and go so if you are using the HostArmada I have liked their team So I will recommend them But I will recommend that you can keep the backups separately because they are still new so until and unless they establish themselves you have to keep the backups separately.

Inmotion Hosting

The next we have is in Inmotion hosting It is a very established and popular web hosting company.


  • Good speeds.
  • It is one of the best out there for shared hosting.
  • It has good load handling.
  • the backup service is also good.
  • It has a 90-day refund policy which you don’t get in any of the shared hostings.
  • The pricing is good.
  • you get the support of the BoldGrid.
  • They have good uptime and for the last 150 days, it is 99.96%.


  • The User Interface is not beginner-friendly.
  • Backup charges are extra.
  • The support is slow but knowledgeable.
  • The data centres are in the USA.

So if you have a US audience then inmotion hosting can be the best option for you to consider , They have good speeds and load handling. They also have good uptime, The support is a bit slow and the User interface is not beginner-friendly, So if you do not require any of the hostings further then you can go with the inmotion hosting for US Audience.


I am recommending this hosting for the past 3 years, as a budget hosting provider Let’s find out the Pros and Cons for this year, and whether you should buy this or not.


  • The interface is easy and beginner-friendly.
  • You can find good speeds.
  • the pricing is affordable.
  • the load handling is really good.
  • There exist UPI Payments for the Indian Audience.
  • Data centers are in Asia.
  • you also get the GST invoice.
  • You will also get the training program.


  • You get 1 free SSL certificate
  • The support is slow but it is good
  • Talking about the uptime, in the last few months, the uptime is really good there was downtime earlier But in the last few months, they have recovered on this at present, it is for 99.94% which is good, for a budget hosting provider.

So I think Hostinger is still the budget option in 2022 as well If you are starting your blogging journey, or if you are a beginner then Hostinger will be a good option In fact, you will find my websites too which is hosted on the Hostinger Hostinger is improving the services gradually Their team is also improving so that’s good to seeIf their support improves its speed then it will be good.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the established hostings.


  • It has a good speed.
  • They have a good loading speed.
  • They also provide the Pro-Rata Refund policy.


  • The support is average and fast.
  • The quality of the live chat support was average in my experience.
  • Price is on the expensive side, you do not get free domain.
  • The uptime for the year is 99.95% It has improved in recent years, It was down since last months but it has improved and it is good but it can improve considering the pricing which is been paid for it.

Talking about its pricing, it starts from $2.99/month and it goes till $12.99/month The best plan is Turbo Boost.

So when you should buy A2 Hosting?

When it is at the discount, so you can have a look at it


it is a good hosting company and they have established themselves regularly.


  • The speed is good.
  • the customer support is good.
  • They have data centers in India.
  • The load handling was good.
  • They have the 45 day refund policy.
  • Pricing is affordable.
  • The uptime is good and it is 99.96% and there was a bit of downtime, but after it the uptime is good.

Talking about the pricing, it starts from $2.95 and it goes up to $5.95 the best plan is Fastcloud plus which is at $4.45/month.

So if you want Hosting for 1 year then you can refer to the Fastcomet which will be a good option for you You will get good speed, loading and uptime.


It is a good hosting company,they come with Litespeed servers.


  • The support is really good.
  • The speed is good.
  • The load handling is good.
  • You get LiteSpeed servers and a free domain for life.
  • The refund policy is of 45 days.
  • You get free migrations for up to 50 cPanel accounts. ( I haven’t seen such migrations in any of the web hosting companies)


I haven’t found any major cons.

  • The uptime is 99.94% which is good and the improvements can be done.The uptime has been good for the past few months, There was a drop last year but the uptime has been really good since then.

Talking about the pricing, it starts from $3.95 and it goes till $10.95.

Best Overall Hosting

Best Overall Hosting – Cloudways

Best Budget Hosting: Hostinger is a really good option.

Best Hosting Support: Chemicloud is the best.

Best For Blogs: Cloudways, FastComet, Hostinger, Chemicloud,

Best For eCommerce: Cloudways, Chemicloud,

Best Speed: Cloudways,, and in the shared hosting: InMotion has really good speed.

Best for HTML & PHP – BigRock, Chemicloud, FastComet.

Best for .net: BigRock is a good choice.

Best for Beginners: Hostinger.

Best Call Support: Bluehost.

Best Uptime – Cloudways and Stablehost has a really good uptime.

In Managed VPS: A2Hosting, Fastcomet is a good option.

For Sitebuilder: inmotion Hosting BoldGrid is really good.

Best for Indian audience: Cloudways, Chemicloud, Fastcomet, and Hostinger.

Best for US Audience: Hostinger is a good budget option.

Monthly Payment: Cloudways is really good and Interserver (if you are looking for cheaper options).

Best for 1 Year: FastComet is a good option if you want this for a year.

Best cPanel Hosting: FastComet, Chemicloud, both are good.

Talking about Free Domains: Chemicloud, Hostinger, Bluehost, HostAramada, InMotion, Namecheap.

Free Migrations: Chemicloud provides good migrations.

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