bluehost vs hostinger

Bluehost vs Hostinger – Which One Offers The Best & Cheap Web Hosting ?

How’s it going everybody welcome back and today i’m going to be comparing two of the best web hosting services out there hostinger and bluehost.

Bluehost Vs Hostinger


So very quickly what is hostinger starting with hostinger now hostinger has made its name by providing the cheapest web hosting services their plans are cheap but very powerful hostinger is a fantastic web hosting provider for beginners and pros alike their mission is to make life easier for developers and their customers to execute the mission hostinger offers you easy to use fast and reliable.

Web hosting services all their plans come with all the resources you need to run your website whether you’re looking for a vps or some shared hosting space hosting or has you covered with its wide spectrum of services all the plans except the single shared hosting plan come with a free domain name they also come with free website transfer one free website transfer that is a specialist team will migrate your website free of cost uh free ssd drives come included on all shared web hosting plans servers are powered by lightspeed php 7 http 2 and built-in caching technology all the packages come with a free let’s encrypt ssl certificate and cloudflare cdn and they offer of course a 30-day money-back guarantee now that’s a little introduction into a hostinger.

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bluehost is one of the biggest and most popular website hosting companies of all time they offer you a wide array of hosting features at competitive rates that will leave you asking how do they even do that so let’s say with shared hosting. you will get a free domain name for one year in uh most of the plans specifically talking about the shared web hosting plans you also get this cpanel here called bluerock i believe which is their new and upgraded cpanel.

The servers with bluehost are powered by php7 http 2 and nginx caching bluehost offers free ssl certificates of course as well as cloud flare cdn bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee just like hostinger and it is an official partner of wordpress and bluehost overall just provides hosting services 
with unlimited bandwidth hosting space and email accounts it has a reputation of robust 
performance excellent.

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Which one is better Bluehost or Hostinger?

Hostinger offers cheap web hosting without compromising on must-have and important features such as performance speed and security now bluehost has a phone number whereas hostinger doesn’t they don’t have phone support though hostinger do have they have email support whereas bluehost’s email support is not exactly listed so again bluehost has phone support live support chat support and ticket support hostinger on the other hand has live support chat support and ticket support just no phone support unfortunately the data server location for bluehost is in utah whereas hostinger is a little bit a little bit more varied here with the u.s asia and european server locations.

Both services you get unlimited data transfer you get unlimited data storage you get unlimited emails when it comes to hosting multiple domains you do get that with a bluehost.


You don’t get any server uptime guarantee with bluehost but you do get that guarantee with hostinger and they have a 99.9 uptime guarantee.

Is Bluehost really the best?

Compared to other web hosting services where you don’t really get a lot so you know overall the good i would say with uh bluehost if we’re talking about bluehost i would say the good about the really good thing about bluehost would be the variety of hosting plans you know you get bluehost offers shared vps dedicated and cloud hosting as well as options like managed wordpress hosting giving you the flexibility to easily scale your website to your needs.

You also get 24 7 support in addition to some of the best self-help resources of any host bluehost has a veritable army of fast acting experts ready to assist you 24 7 via support ticket hotline or live chat they also have a great refund policy because bluehost will give you a full refund if you cancel within 30 days.

The bad with bluehost is that you don’t get any uptime guarantee.

hostinger is that it is super cheap web hosting especially for those beginners that are just trying to start out a website without having to pay much just something that really doesn’t  break the bank and it’s as little as a few bucks you get a free domain name free ssl certificate free bit ninja security unlimited ssd disk space you get free daily and weekly site backups a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The very cheap pricing and obviously the very budget-friendly pricing then you’ll definitely find hostinger.

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